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   November 16, 2016

  I have no plans of writing again. I am enjoying retirement
  the website banner is just a banner, not a new e-book cover,  
  sorry   folks !


May 13, 2016

All seems to be well on the home front. After one year I have returned to the internet. I have retired from writing e-books and other literature projects, however some of my work remains
online via
Smashwords. Thirty eight years I have put forth an effort in one way or another to write fictional short stories. Whether it be solo, duet or group. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed
every minute of it !
        Much gratitude goes out to my wife Krissy, who has stuck by me through several years of the literature creation.     Krissy became more than a co-writer with me. She stepped in a proof reader, office manager and producer. Some of my personal favorite ebooks never got published, one being the western "Orange Eagle Valley.         I created 99 percent of my project covers, and I appeared on most of them. The one e book that I thought went together very quickly and smoothly was the duet Krissy and I wrote entitled "Three Days Off Broadway". E books are very nice, one can read them easily on a PC, tablet or
you can even print it off ! Google carries a lot  of my images
and I'm sure other search engines do as well. As time goes on I will add other links to the right side that pertain to me.
For additional pictures click on link to Google Images